-     Clinical goal feasibility and plan optimization.

-     Plan quality scorecards and improvement.

-     Commission auto-treatment planning systems.

-     Plan documentation.

-     Peer Review.


-     Determine feasibility of the clinical goals before planning begins.

-     Optimize clinical goals with Feasibility DVH which show what DVH are feasbile for each target and OAR.

-     Plan Quality Metrics (PQM and APQM) provide patient-specific plan quality scoring, for entire plan and for each target and OAR.

-     Choose from over 70 pre-defined quality protocols to score against and  customize.

-     Single comprehensive report for complete patient treatment plan and quality scoring for compliance.

-     DVH QA to support TG-53 compliance.

-     Record patient metrics to quality library, and demonstrate continual improvement.

Key Benefits:

-     No time wasted on treatment planning of ambiguous or unachievable  goals.

-     Higher quality treatment plans.

Easier compliance with documentation and quality requirements.
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