-     Stereotactic (SRS/SRT/SBRT) end-to-end testing.

-     Quality assurance of image fusion algorithms for CT and MRI imaging modalities.

-     Absolute, relative and point dose dosimetry QA measurements at isocenter with ion chambers; relative dose distribution using film.


-     Consistent orientation allows for interference-free dose measurement  regardless  of  measurement  plane.

-     Target volumes in CT/MRI cube eliminate need for CT/MRI markers.

-     Flat surface of ion chamber cube geometry enables easy cross-calibration to water.

-     Support for stereotactic frame and frameless systems.

Key Benefits:

-     Phantom stand holds the inserts, making them easily accessible during testing.

-     Multi-functional cube inserts increase efficiency.

-     No tools required for assembly.

-     Stand base can be mounted to a couch that uses the Lok-Bar™ system.

All components fit into durable rolling case suitable for storage and travel.
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